Blade sport

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Blade Fighting Tournament

Blade Sparring rules were designed with two things in mind: 1) to create a realistic scoring system that reflects probable knife strike injuries, and 2) to be able to score easily, without the need for complex hit evaluations.


Only stabbing or slashing using the provided BladeSport competition knives is allowed. No striking is allowed including, but not limited to punching, kicking, elbows, knees, or head butting. No punyo strikes or pummeling allowed. However, pinning and holding of arms and leg checks are allowed. Front leg to front leg sweeps going with the joint is allowed.


Open hand disarms are allowed. Attempts must be made to opponent's blade hand below the elbow only.


No grappling will be permitted and there are no intentional throws allowed. If your opponent falls, you can continue to slash and stab at the opponent for 3 seconds after such time the center referee will stand both competitors back up and continue the match.


Scoring is a point system, where 5 points is a win.

Throat/neck - 4 points for a slash or stab.
Head - 2 points for a slash or stab.
Chest and Back (rib cage area) - 1 point for a slash, 2 points for a stab.
Abdomen and Groin (between rib cage and legs) - 2 points for a slash or stab.
Anywhere else (arms, legs) - 1 point for a slash or stab.
Disarm - 1 point + points for the subsequent strike.


Extra Considerations

2 slashes or stabs to the same hand/arm will make that arm unusable. The knife can be transferred to the "good" arm but the injured arm can no longer be used to carry the knife.
2 slashes or stabs to the same leg will make that leg unusable. You must either hop on your "good" leg, or put your "bad" leg's knee on the ground.
If you lose your knife (disarm) there is no point deduction. However, the opponent has 3 seconds to score a point before the center referee calls break.

In Double Blade divisions, the competitor's highest scoring points in a pass will be counted.

Warnings and Penalties

Warnings and penalties are issued by the judges at their discretion for any infraction to the rules. Penalty point will occur on the 2nd warning issued to the competitor. A point is awarded to the opponent of a competitor receiving a penalty. Disqualification occurs on the 2nd penalty issued to the competitor.

Types of Warnings:
Unintentional illegal techniques (including, but not limited to the following)
Punyo strike
Joint Manipulations
Strikes against the joints
Kicking leg sweeps
Sweeping of supporting leg or both legs
Blind spinning techniques
Unintentional delay in break on the call by the Center Judge
Lack of control over weapon
Loss of weapon (excluding disarm)
Moving both feet outside of the ring

Types of Penalties:
Intentional illegal techniques
Intentional failure to break on the call by the Center Judge


Disqualifications must be agreed on by all judges at their discretion. The offender forfeits the fight and the competitor is awarded the win. Disqualification will occur for the following:
Accumulating 2 penalties
Deliberate excessive force/intent to inflict bodily injury
Deliberate fouling
Malice act resulting in injury
Rude, belligerent, and/or disrespectful behavior by a competitor and/or their school. (Can include but is not limited to the use of foul and/or offensive language)
Unsportsmanlike conduct


All matches will be run by a center judge and either 2 or 4 corner judges. Novice and Intermediate divisions will be run with a total of 3 judges, and all Advanced divisions will be run with a total of 5 judges.


2 minute rounds or first to 5 points.


Approved protective eye goggles
Light gloves
Mouth guard
Groin guard

All equipment is subject to judge's approval prior to the match.

Ring Size

20' x 20'